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How will you be reflecting on 2023? Glad to see the back of an unstable and unpredictable year?

Well, yes, probably.

Navigating the fast-changing world we live in as part of the IC community will likely see us face more challenges in 2024 and beyond. And things may get even trickier if we’re to believe a post on the myGrapevine site, which asks: ‘Is a 2024 burnout crisis inevitable?’

The post points out that we’re all feeling more stressed (not less) in the aftermath of the pandemic, and it’s pushing employees to the brink of exhaustion.

“A recent study from Deloitte revealed that a staggering 91 per cent of professionals work beyond their contracted hours, compromising their wellbeing and, consequently, organisational productivity,” it says.

So what do we do about that?

In the view of myGrapevine, the crisis: “…demands a collective effort from leaders, organisations, and employees to prioritise mental health, redefine work cultures, and implement strategies that foster a sustainable and supportive professional environment”.

Which might be the latest big challenge IC professionals will be invited to get involved with.

Testing the four-day working week 

Meanwhile in Germany, they’re testing out the four-day week to see if it’s successful in not only boosting productivity, but also improving the employee experience.

An article in euronews.next looks at the pros and cons of a shorter working week. It also spotlights some of the places around the globe who’ve tried it – including Belgium, some Scandinavian countries, the US, as well as here in the UK.

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts…

And finally, our thanks to the fabulous Jo Coxhill, who’s an old friend of 44’s (“less of the old” I hear Jo shout). She’s taken to LinkedIn to provide us all with some essential internal comms podcasts.

“I’m not that great at listening to them if I’m really honest,” says Jo in a LinkedIn post, “I just struggle to find the time. I have however made a commitment to myself to start listening to more and a first step for me is to create a list…”

Why not start with this four-minute burst from our Managing Partner, Tom Abbott, who talks about establishing strong communication within leadership teams and shares tips to help you assess performance and support feedback methods.


Any reflections on 2023, thoughts on burnout or the four-day week? Drop us a line or comment below, and we’ll be back with more IC news next month.