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Case study: Guide Dogs

Helping our local community with pro-bono design

  • A partnership with the local branch of the Guide Dogs
  • Part of our commitment to donate skills, time and resources to our local community
  • We designed large wall art and sticker displays to brighten up the centre’s kennels.

At our offices in Leamington Spa, we often see the Guide Dogs being led from the nearby training centre to learn the vital skills that enrich so many of their owners’ lives. There are about 5,000 guide dog owners in the UK, and the Leamington Spa centre trains more than 200 dogs a year. Around 60 of these dogs are specifically trained for the 280 guide dogs owners who live within a 50 mile radius of the site.

We got in touch with Graham Kensett, Head of Services at the charity, to see if there was anything we could do to help. Graham challenged us to brighten up the lower kennels by making the place look more inviting and friendly, in line with their branding and values.


Working within the recognisable Guide Dogs brand guidelines, we came up with a typographical treatment which incorporated emotive and meaningful words and phrases that were important to the trainers, the charity and the dog owners. A personalised peg area was produced to hang up each dog’s lead and jacket, which gave a practical twist to the creative brief.


A few months later, the kennels have been painted, the wall art and stickers are up, and the area feels a lot fresher and brighter.

“The wall designs look great and have really transformed the area for our trainers and our dogs. I’m really delighted with the work carried out by 44, and the help and time they gave over the course of the project. ”

Graham Kensett, Head of Services
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