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Case study: Tarmac – OneCard video

Showcasing the latest safety technology with an engaging, employee-led video

  • Producing a fast-paced, energetic video to raise awareness about Tarmac’s new technology at an international safety conference.
  • Uncovering the benefits of this industry-changing technology through the eyes of the Tarmac drivers and support teams involved.

Tarmac, one of the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions businesses, is changing the way it manages contracted drivers in the construction industry. The company recently launched the innovative, industry-changing OneCard – smartcard technology that holds individual driver records in a central database. In an industry first, drivers no longer need to rely on masses of paper forms – they can now swipe their ID cards at weighbridges and can only enter the site once the card has been validated.

It’s had a huge impact in terms of driver safety and logistical assurance and, to recognise this milestone, the Tarmac Communications team challenged us to create a short video to showcase the technology at an international safety innovation conference in Amsterdam. The video needed to tell the OneCard journey – the story of Tarmac’s drivers piloting the card; how it makes things easier, more cost-effective and efficient; and the power of new technology and innovation. As well as this, we had to ensure the video was accessible for people who didn’t speak English as a first language.

The video needed to put Tarmac people at the heart, and resonate with a global CRH audience in line with the company values of feeling pride, staying ambitious and being collaborative.


Filming took place in five locations over the space of four days. To really make this video stand out, we wanted to bring the drivers, the OneCard and its benefits to life in an engaging way.

Working with our video partner, we decided that the video needed to grab attention and get viewers invested early on. We picked a Tarmac driver and followed his journey to work – waking up with him and filming him as he grabs his coffee, picks up his keys and hits the road. A quick editing style combined with GoPro footage allowed us to showcase the driver’s personal story up to the moment he arrived at the plant to pick up his load. At this point we introduced the OneCard and all the benefits it brings to his day-to-day work. 

The video then expanded to include vox pops from other drivers, the management team and distribution colleagues – highlighting the collaboration required to get the new technology up and running, as well as discussing the benefits OneCard plays in their roles. We included annotated keywords to summarise these messages, and they flash up again at the end to conclude the video and leave viewers with a positive impression of OneCard and the ways it will help the business.


More than 200 senior leaders from 50 global companies attended the conference. Given the popularity of the video, it’s already led to enquiries from suppliers and customers interested in the concept of OneCard. Despite being initially intended for an external audience, Tarmac is now using this film internally to raise awareness and support the national rollout of OneCard. The video was also posted on LinkedIn – receiving around 7,000 views and more than 175 likes.

“We’ve shared it with a range of industry parties and feedback has been extremely positive. It’s great to see Tarmac teams being recognised and new innovations making a real difference. The audience clearly liked the different approach with the intro and the clear messaging around the benefits.” 

Senior logistics manager, Tarmac
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