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Case study: SEAT

Bringing a flavour of Spain to Milton Keynes

  • ‘Urban Spain’ channels both the Spanish heritage and young vibrant feel of SEAT.
  • Wall art captures the essence of what SEAT represents and helps set it apart from the other Volkswagen Group brands.
  • Designs rolled out in other locations – a sign the changes proved popular.

To transform SEAT’s Blakelands office into a fun, inspiring and relevant space to work in – and one that reflects the SEAT brand – without changing the office’s basic layout.


44 took the lead from SEAT’s Barcelona heritage and centred the rebrand on an ‘Urban Spain’ theme. Our concept took inspiration from traditional Spanish streets and plazas which we blended with a colourful palette to create a gritty, modern look to suit SEAT’s young audience. From wall graphics to desktop backgrounds, we used every opportunity to inject personality into the SEAT office.


SEAT loved the distinctive and timeless design, so much so that they rolled it out to other locations, including their Leeds call centre.

Feedback was gathered from the team and the designs were given a big ‘thumbs up’.

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