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Case study: National Grid UK – NIA Annual Summaries

Delivering a suite of public reports for National Grid

  • 205 projects covered in the three 2014/15 reports
  • 78 pages produced across all three documents

Every summer, National Grid publishes reports for all three of its regulated networks – Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution and Electricity Transmission – under its obligations to industry regulator Ofgem. In 2015, 44 was commissioned to provide content and design support for all three of these documents.


The publications, known as the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) annual summaries, showcased National Grid’s achievements in the field of innovation over the previous 12 months. The challenge was to communicate complex ideas in clear, easy-to-understand language and create a distinctive look and feel for each network that would still feel part of the National Grid brand.


The reports demonstrate 44’s versatility in the areas of content, creativity and project management. After a successful delivery of the project in July 2015, all three National Grid networks commissioned 44 to do the same again in July 2016.

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