My first internal communications experience

As part of our 44 Community programme, we invite a limited number of students each year to gain valuable internal communications experience on work placements. Here’s how one got on…

A-level student Lizzie White spent two days working alongside our team, building her internal communications experience and learning what goes on behind the scenes in our busy agency.

“Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I was always encouraged to push myself. I wrote a short article about a promotional video, learnt about the importance of tone and style in my copy, got involved in team meetings, and I was also given tips on proofreading.

“These are all skills I’ve been developing at school, and it’s been really rewarding to apply them in a work environment as part of my internal communications experience.

“As I’m currently studying for my A-levels, experiencing the working world has definitely helped me choose where I want to go next. Writing for and co-editing my school magazine has increased my interest in journalism and the media, and I want to study something in this field when I go to university.

Undeniable importance

“My internal communications experience at 44 has shown me the undeniable importance of employee engagement in the modern workplace. And as we move closer and closer to a digital world, the way companies communicate with their workforce is always developing.

“It was inspiring to see how all the cogs turn at 44 – how different areas of expertise work together to produce a finished product, and how everyone contributes their part to the company’s success.

“My two days have been invaluable and have really furthered my interest in journalism and communications. I hadn’t experienced working in an office environment before, but I found it easy to perform to my best in such a creative and friendly company.

“I’m going to make the most of the skills I’ve picked up in my time here and start putting them into practice – during the rest of my education and the start of my career.”