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Latest news: Forward planning …and flying axes

Forward planning… and flying axes!

Every March, Team 44 decamps to an off-site location for a day-long session of business talk, bonding and braving a mystery team-building challenge. Katie Grace reflects on her first 44 away day…

It’s been a very hectic past few months for 44. So the chance for us all to get some head space and look back, plan ahead, set targets and come up with some great new ideas for improving our agency was long overdue.

I only joined 44 back in September, which made this my first away day. So I went into it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. There would obviously be plenty of business-focused stuff, but the top secret group activity in the afternoon did set my mind racing.

Previous years have involved everything from clay pigeon shooting to blind-folded cake-making, so what lay in store this time round was anyone’s guess!

As it turns out, I wasn’t disappointed. Adventure Sports in Warwick was the setting for a fun afternoon of archery and axe-throwing. It was a fantastic way to let off steam, try something new and discover who among us was most talented in front of a target.

Splitting us into two teams spurred on some friendly rivalry, and the competitive edge saw everyone do their very best to hit the bullseye. There were some definite winners and some (slightly) sore losers, but what was most clear is that our love for hitting targets extends well beyond financial spreadsheets and award wins.

Here, Corin and Eddie demonstrate their sharp skills, and why we (usually) do everything they say!

Once the sharp objects had been safely stowed away, the 2018 away day left us with plenty to think about too, both personally and professionally. Here’s what a few of my colleagues had to say…

“Money isn’t the only measure of a successful business. You can’t put a value on a team that works well together and supports each other.”
Sarah Woods, Content Specialist

“Sometimes we forget just how valuable creativity can be. It’s a great opportunity for growth – and it’s fun!”
Tom Ives, Head of Innovation and Insight

“Everyone is very protective of one another, and we could do with some body armour for our female archers!”
Anna Avino, Senior Editor and Writer

“We’ve gained enough experience in the last ten years to know what works for our clients, and yet we’re young and agile enough to be able to steer our ship. The next few years are going to be very exciting.”
Alan Coates, Head of Digital Projects and Products

“You can never stand still! When you get to the end of one financial year, you have to set your sights on new goals and go for it all over again.”
Eddie Gormley, Managing Partner

“It made me realise what a great, supportive, fun team we have – and the amount of knowledge and ideas we have too!”
Zoe Wilkinson, Junior Editor

“I learnt that the best team bonding starts with Tequila!”
Elizabeth Mullenger, Junior Project Manager

Looking back, my first 44 away day was a great opportunity to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned, how we can apply them to the year ahead, and what I can do personally to help make us a better agency. It’s an exciting time, but I’m really glad I won’t have to brave axes any time soon…

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