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Latest news: A knockout fundraiser

A knockout fundraiser

Sizzling sunshine, crazy costumes, impossible inflatables… Team Fantastic 4(4) took all of this and more on during an ‘It’s a Knockout’ event to raise money for Myton Hospice…

If you’re ‘of a certain age’ you’ll remember TV’s ‘It’s a Knockout’ – a series of ridiculous games played by grown-ups who really ought to have known better. A kind of school sports day for adults, with a bit of fancy dress thrown in.

So it was with some trepidation that eight members of the 44 team joined forces to participate in a charity It’s a Knockout day at Leamington Rugby Club.

But it didn’t take us long to get primed and ready for action, and when we (just one of 36 teams taking part) were given the golden star bibs, we saw it as a sign. How could we fail?

Here’s how we got on – the highlights… and the humiliating lows.

Round 1: Battle of the giants

The games began when Tom stepped in to take part in a race of sizable proportions. Donning a clunky giant’s costume – complete with huge shoes, baggy trousers and oversized foam head – our formidable Head of Strategy successfully made it across the moving mats, avoiding trips and outfit malfunctions to secure second place.

Round 2: Hard hat hurdling

This challenge saw us put our best foot forward as we made our way over an inflatable set of hurdles while balancing a cup of water on a hard hat – not the easiest of missions! We made a speedy start but failed to bank enough water to secure a winning position, remaining consistent in second.

Round 3: Silly sausage

Perhaps our (un)finest hour came next. Our strategy seemed foolproof, but things didn’t go to plan. Claudia, Ellie and Zoe were up first, straddling a massive inflatable frankfurter, aiming to bounce in sync to reach the finish line. Despite the trio’s best (and bounciest) efforts, and with poor Ellie’s legs not even reaching the ground, the orange sausage refused to budge. Hannah, Rob and Eddie picked up the pace but we just couldn’t make up the time lost, and we trailed in third.

Round 4: A slippery slope

This was undoubtedly the most difficult challenge of all. One by one we had to hoist ourselves up an inflatable slope with a rope, climbing on our knees and elbows to lift our bodies over as many times as possible. To make matters worse, the bouncy obstacle was covered in foamy water. Slow and steady may have not won us the race, but our team was the only one to have every member successfully reach the top.

Round 5: A hop, skip and a penguin

Our time to shine came when we took part in the penultimate round: the penguin egg challenge. Who knew transferring gold eggs via our knees (while hopping) would be our strength? Our key player here had to be Bryan, who helped us win by patiently waiting at the end of the relay line to collect the golden goods wearing a huge penguin costume in the 25-degree heat!

Round 6: Throwing in the sponge

To finish, we stood on mini podiums throwing wet sponges from teammate to teammate. Tom was responsible for flinging them over a bouncy castle wall to Rob, who was on standby to catch the sopping sponges before squeezing them dry for our water bucket collection. We may have suffered another defeat, but Zoe deserves a special mention here for being our runner, zipping back and forth to grab any fallen sponges before handing them back to our super-soaker Eddie.

And… relax!

After the activities, we enjoyed a well-deserved drink in the sunshine and posed for an It’s a Knockout team photo before the results were revealed. We may not have come out on top, but we certainly did give a good go. And it’s the taking part that counts, right?!

One achievement worth shouting about is our sporty sponsorship, as we swiftly succeeded in reaching our fundraising target of £500. Brownie points to Eddie, who dressed in his monkey outfit to help us to raise more than £300 in online donations.

There’s still time to donate for this fantastic cause – visit our JustGiving page and help us raise even more money for Myton Hospice. Every little counts, and will make a difference to the lives of many patients seeking end-of-life care.

We may have come out as sore losers (due to the sunburn), but thanks to you, we can still be winners in the fundraising stakes.

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