44 Team 2023

As Meta shutters its ‘social media for business’ platform, we explore what’s going on and suggest the best Workplace alternative. Spoilers – it’s not what Facebook is suggesting.

Okay, so the lights are still staying on for the moment – but by 2026, Workplace by Meta (previously known as Workplace by Facebook) will post its final status update and close its doors for good.

According to Meta, the timeline is:

  • Until August 31, 2025: You will be able to continue using Workplace as usual.
  • September 1, 2025 – May 31, 2026: Workplace will only be accessible to read and download existing data.
  • June 1, 2026: Your access to Workplace will be terminated and your Workplace will be deleted.

How we got here

Workplace by Meta first launched in January 2015 – and supported many organisations that were seeking to elevate their internal colleagues social offering, or needed a platform to lean on when the pandemic hit and didn’t have existing digital infrastructure to support virtual and home working.

Promising to be more than an internal information portal, Workplace relies heavily on the social engagement-heavy mechanics that had been so effective on Facebook itself. As a result, it became a platform that combines social and productivity features to help organisations improve communication across different locations and teams.

However, as Workplace’s parent company, Meta, chooses to focus its time an energy on AI and the Metaverse, they’ve set an end date for the platform.

For organisations that have built their organisations with this channel at its core, this is a real problem.

So, what’s the best Workplace alternative?

Facebook have only named one migration partner – Workvivo by Zoom, which is a bit like being told that your train isn’t coming, but they’ve provided a replacement bus service.

Don’t get me wrong – Workvivo will work for some – but I’d personally rather have a choice in where I do business, rather than be pushed down one single route.

At 44 Communications – we’ve built our business around working with specialists that bring something different to the world of Internal Communications. To that end, we’ve recently formed an official partnership with Haiilo – a technology partner that delivers on all the great things that Workplace offered, and then improves upon it.

Trusted by companies like E.On, Coca-Cola, KPMG and DHL, Haiilo not only gives companies a platform to communicate, socialise and listen to their colleagues, but it can integrate with any existing (or future) Microsoft or Google suites.

Yes, Meta Workplace and Haiilo use different names but the functionality in both cases is very similar. Haiilo has groups, but it has interest-based communities and departmental pages, too. Its news feeds are dynamic and integrate with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. On the social networking front, Haiilo performs very well.

If you’d like to know how we can help you migrate from Workplace to something even better, let me know personally and say Haiilo.