Sustainable Christmas

Are you dreaming of a sustainable Christmas? If you’re planning to end the year with the environment in mind, here are some ideas for being green this December.

If you’ve spoken to anybody from the 44 team over the past few weeks, you’ll have heard us talking about sustainability in one way or another. From the paper-based decorations we’ve been putting up in our new office, to the fact that our Secret Santa this year had to be homemade or from a local charity shop – it’s been on our minds more than ever.

And it appears we’re not alone. According to 2020 will be the year of sustainability. Not only are businesses conscious of the ever-growing visibility of sustainability issues, thanks to the efforts of advocates like Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion protestors – but becoming aware of the benefits of ‘circular economies’; using and reusing assets profitably.

And it’s in this spirit that we want to share our top tips for a sustainable Christmas at home or in the office this festive season.

Our Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas   

     1. Consider the waste hierarchy

The waste hierarchy is the easiest way to soundly start your sustainability journey. Start at prevention – do you need to buy those Christmas decorations at all? Then reuse them next year, if you decide that the tree really does need wooden ornaments. If they wear out, try and recycle them responsibly, or some other recovery, such as ‘waste for fuel’ – and only if there are no other options at all, consider disposal.

     2. Make the right material choice

We all know the impact plastics are having on our environment, which is why the Government is introducing new policies on single-use plastics such as straws, cotton-buds and more. Whether it’s in your choice of cutlery, wrapping paper, or Christmas decorations, try and avoid plastics and go for paper, card or wood – which are much easier to recycle and reuse.

     3. Don’t let energy get in the way of your sustainable Christmas spirit

Christmas is when we find ourselves out and about more, and less in the office than any other time of year. So, think about your energy use, and whether the entire office needs equal heating and lighting. Why not try to see if you can group together to stay warm and keep each other company, too! Check-out our blog on creative work environments, which talks about office-lighting best practice.

Our stocking filler for you – origami Christmas decorations

If you’ve visited our offices lately, you’ll have seen a lot of paper decorations, from stars to snowflakes – some of them more artistically achieved than others!

So, to be crafty this Christmas, why not try our origami Christmas Tree, or our reusable origami reindeer.

Christmas Origami TreeChristmas Origami Reindeer

Click here for a printable version of the Tree or Reindeer.


And don’t forget to share your efforts on our social channels. We’d love to see how you got on using the hashtag #sustainablechristmas.

And from everybody here are 44 Communications have a Merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Year.