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Case study: Guildford Nuffield Hospital

A happy ending for hospital story

  • Nurses wanted a fun way to show children just how important it is to wash their hands
  • The work showcased the hospital’s efforts ahead of an important inspection
  • 44 helped complete the project as part of its pro bono work.

Hospital staff had suggested the idea of creating a children’s book about how important it is to wash hands to protect from germs. With a visit from the CQC (Care Quality Commission) on the horizon, the hospital decided to create a book to help explain this message to children.
The CQC makes sure that every hospital environment is safe and clean, so Guildford needed to put their best foot forward to ensure their final report did them justice.


With the support of 44 Communications, hospital staff and Aimee Chapman, a graphic design undergraduate who’d undertaken work experience at 44 in 2016, created the 12-page booklet Archie and Theo’s special day out to the Guildford Hospital.

Aimee was given the reins on design, with 44 helping where needed, and the children’s story was written by Elizabeth Bean, an Infection Prevention Nurse. Finally, watercolour illustrations created by Vicky Meering, Paediatric Sister for Outpatients, brought the story and its message to life.

Tying it all together, 44 donated pre-press time and made the necessary print arrangements, covering the cost as part of our pro bono work.


The project was a real joint effort, with those involved taking on new challenges to pull it together. And to make it all worth it, the booklet was delivered ahead of the CQC inspection and it received a special mention in the official report that was produced following the visit.

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