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Case study: Cadent

A user-friendly onboarding platform for an innovative organisation

  • Creating an onboarding web portal for new Cadent colleagues.
  • Producing content that instils the Cadent vision, values and brand.
  • Designing a site that delivers media, downloads and content the right way.

In May 2017, Cadent Gas formally separated from National Grid – where previously it had been its Gas Distribution business.

But their new identity was more than just a new name. They have refreshed their ambitions and values, and are committed to keeping gas flowing safely, looking after the most vulnerable in society and enabling a lower carbon and affordable network for future generations.

As the company’s operations and people transitioned into working in the new Cadent way, they needed a resource for new starters that would tell them everything they needed to know about working for Cadent Gas.


Working with a wide range of stakeholders (from HR, IC, Brand, Wellness and more) we worked up a content structure that covered every area of the business. We then organised this content into two brackets: what you need to know before you start; and what you need to know from day one in your new role.

Supporting the IC team, we then collated all the existing content – a lot of it in the existing National Grid brand and tone of voice, and helped them rewrite and reproduce it in the Cadent Gas style.

We then designed a mobile-friendly web portal around this content. Each area of the business had a dedicated page, and each area of interest was summarised. Further videos, documents and guides were added as resources to download – for those that needed the detail.


There are two great results from the Cadent induction site. First and foremost, it focused the drive to rework existing content and assets for the new company. Secondly, it created a user-friendly platform that both office-based and field-based users could access simply, and reliably.

Out of a possible 6,000 colleagues, more than 1,200 have accessed the site since it launched, reading more than 11,000 pages in sessions of more than three minutes per visit.

“The production and delivery of the Cadent Induction site required the coordination of almost twenty stakeholders, the comms team and our digital department. 44 were a vital part of this, acting as the conduit to the different parts of the business to get the job done. The site is now one of the go-to sources of information for not only new starters, but for the rest of the business too.”

Leadership & Capability Development Manager, Cadent Gas
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