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Meet our new recruit… Tom Ives

We speak to 44’s new recruit Tom Ives, Head of Innovation and Insight, to talk careers, channels and a passion for cycling…

Can you tell us a little about your career to date?

I’ve been in account management at marketing agencies for the last ten years, working in new business, research, planning and idea generation, project management and more. I’ve moved between technical digital specialist agencies to integrated ad agencies. It has helped to have delivery experience and an understanding of digital’s place in the marketing mix.

Can you tell us about your role and what that entails?

I’m going to use my experience from different environments, industries and channels to provide insight on the challenges our existing clients face every day. A common thread is going to be using more digital channels. I have worked in digital transformation and big organisational change programmes before, but it doesn’t always have to be so dramatic!

What are your first impressions of us as an agency and how have you settled in so far?

There’s a fantastic atmosphere at 44. It’s lovely to work in a small team where everyone knows each other and is so welcoming. I’ve already worked on two new business leads that are new industries to me, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m going to learn a lot about the editorial side too – the quantity and quality of writing we do is a big change for me.

What do you hope to bring to 44 Communications?

I hope to bring access to more digital channels. There are so many tricks and tools available to marketers, so picking the right one for our clients is going to be my job. The context and intricacies of internal communications is fairly new to me, and I find it fascinating in its universal nature and often-complex subject matter. I’m going to be recommending new messages and channels to our existing clients to grow their activities online and knit them closely to others.

What would you say are your biggest strengths?

I love a challenge so, for whatever reason, my brain focuses best when the pressure of success or failure is present. The chance to learn something new and hands on has always motivated me. When I’m working on a brief for a new platform, I love pulling it apart to understand how it could be used for my client or campaign. Coming up with an idea and making it a reality is very satisfying.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Cycling has moved from a casual hobby to an (un)healthy obsession this year! I’ve got a road bike and now have no shame in wearing lycra in public. In June we had our family holiday in Annecy in the French Alps and I took a shot at a climbing stage of the Tour de France. I’ve also got two young daughters so they’ve been co-opted into it too. We’ve now got a bike trailer so they can hit the trail with us. Sometimes they enjoy it!


Favourite band? 
There are so many, but I keep coming back to M83. For more traditional music, I love funk, soul and motown – the likes of Isaac Hayes, James Brown and Aretha Franklin.

Favourite book?
I am Legend by Richard Matheson. It’s a bleak sci-fi thriller in some senses, but really it’s a tear-jerking account of a human’s conflict between his will to survive and the misery of living without human company. It makes you think about what’s important in life.

Favourite film?
I’d have to say Interstellar. The story, acting, music and cinematography are a tour de force of escapism for me.

Favourite gadget?
My iPhone. It gets more useful the more I connect with it, from fitness tracking, media and film on demand with Apple TV, through to photography and Facetime with my sister in Egypt.

Favourite destination?
Anywhere with mountains by the sea always goes down well. I crave wilderness and Norway certainly had plenty of that. In terms of cuisine, I’d have to go for Italy or Spain!

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