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Meet our new recruit… Emma Johnson

Say hello to 44’s new recruit Emma Johnson, Editorial Assistant, as we talk travelling, versatility and the wise words of Carrie Fisher…

So tell us all about you…

I recently left university after completing a degree in Classical Civilisation and a masters in Writing, so I’m fairly new to the ’actual career’ club! However I consider myself a bit of a renaissance woman – I’ve been a theatre steward, I’ve worked on the meat and fish counter at Waitrose (despite being vegetarian!), and had a brief stint at Hamleys toy shop in London.

What’s your role at 44 Communications?

I’m the newest editorial assistant at 44 and that involves a bit of everything really. I support the team however I can, either by writing, proofing, checking in with clients or making some world-class cups of tea.

What are your first impressions of 44?

Everyone has been so welcoming and lovely, and so dedicated to creating high-quality content and design – I think that’s my favourite thing about 44. I’ve settled in really quickly, as evidenced by my already highly-personalised desk space.

What do you hope to bring to 44?

I want to incorporate writing and creativity into my role as much as possible. I want to carry on using my writing skills, and get involved throughout the creative process of our publications. I also have experience using Adobe, having produced a student newspaper on InDesign for two years, so I’d love to carry on developing those skills at 44 too.

What are your biggest strengths?

I think my previous experiences have made me versatile and able to take on new tasks and challenges. I’m confident, quirky and creative, which I hope to bring to the team both through my work and my bold fashion choices. I also like Jaffa Cakes, which seems to be important here.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

In my spare time, I love travelling and writing poetry. I’m currently planning an Icelandic road trip, but my biggest travel ambition is to go from Costa Rica to Cape Horn in Chile. Closer to home, I can usually be found at the nearest drag show whenever I have a free evening.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

It’s not advice as such, but I live by a quote from Carrie Fisher: “I act like someone in a bomb shelter trying to raise everyone’s spirits.” I do my best to remain level-headed and optimistic under all circumstances, and like to help others do the same.


Favourite band/artist?
This is a tricky one but it has to be an artist called LP. I could listen to her albums all day, every day. She’s better known for writing songs for other artists though.

Favourite book?
The Revenant by Michael Punke. Most people know the story because of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Academy Award win and, although the film is good, the book is spectacular. It’s dark and intense, but also strangely beautiful.

Favourite film?
The Grand Budapest Hotel. I adore Wes Anderson and I still find this film hilarious. Everything from the colour schemes and cinematography, to the cast and directing is fabulous. I’m a huge Saoirse Ronan fan too.

Favourite gadget?
My hairdryer – I don’t do much to my hair but I just love hairdryers. I don’t really know why.

Favourite destination?
Without a doubt, Death Valley in California. It’s the most interesting place I’ve ever visited – the stars are so visible at night! I was lucky enough to stay there for almost a week, sleeping in an old Airstream on an eclectic compound and sitting in muddy hot springs.

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