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Meet our new recruit… Emily Gravenor

44’s new recruit Emily Gravenor, project manager, talks editorial experience, competitive colleagues and taking sound advice from Mr Motivator…

So tell us all about you?

I have an editorial background and I’ve been working in publishing for ten years. My first journalism job was on a magazine about muddy 4x4s, and my last one was editing a monthly in-flight magazine, which required both project management and editorial responsibilities. I’ve found myself writing about all sorts of topics over the years, which has given me the skills to write for a variety of different audiences… I’ve also achieved the career-defining double whammy of having interviewed both Christopher Biggins and Mr Motivator.

What’s your role at 44?

My role as project manager and editor involves working with clients to find out what they want and then helping them to create their stories. So far, I’ve mainly been working on the Journal, the colleague magazine for Sainsbury’s, which has been great fun! I’m fairly new, so it was satisfying to see the issue we’ve just produced being created from start to finish. I’ve also been writing for the Volkswagen Group UK and been involved in some of our work for Vodafone. I’m excited by how varied the work is – there are lots of different formats, so all sorts of communication going on!

What are your first impressions of 44 as an agency?

There’s excellent communication within the agency, which is apt, and vital with so many projects going on at any one time. Everyone in the team seems extremely nice, too – almost suspiciously so! However, I saw just how competitive everyone can be during the team building exercise at our away day last week!

What do you hope to bring to 44 Communications?

I hope to bring my own mug in soon, I’m just waiting for the right time. It’s a big step. I also hope I can bring a sense of humour, a friendly attitude, lots of editorial experience and an enthusiasm to help our clients to get the best result.

What are your biggest strengths?

I’m used to working in a busy agency and I think I’m calm under pressure. I also like to think that I’m good at listening and understanding what clients want, as well as having solid editorial skills and a creative side.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Country walks, cosy pubs, cool cinemas, cultural trips and putting quality time into finding the best curry in Birmingham. All of the c’s!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Mr Motivator once told me that when you see an opportunity coming your way, you should imagine you’re stranded on a desert island and there’s a boat going past. Don’t wait for it to come and pick you up: swim out to meet it. So, just that really.


Favourite music?
My sister and I had a great car karaoke session to Madonna’s greatest hits the other day. She’s been responsible for some true classics – I mean, La Isla Bonita – does it get any better?

Favourite book?
I’ll never forget the magic of reading Roald Dahl’s books for the first time as a child. Fantastic Mr Fox and The BFG take some beating.

Favourite film?
I like films with an emotional element to them. Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark both made me cry when I watched them. Mind you, I found myself sobbing at a film about Pelé, on a plane recently…

Favourite gadget?
My digital radio so I can listen to BBC6music every morning.

Favourite destination?
Brighton. I used to live there and I love the South Downs and the seaside – but not the seagulls. I’ve got no time for them since I lost a whole cheese and broccoli pasty to a particularly feisty one back in 2010.

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