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Latest news: Our superhuman effort – the sequel

Our superhuman effort – the sequel

Last week we set the scene: Batgirl, Wonder Woman and John Steed were ready to face their fears and abseil down a 13-storey building in aid of The Boparan Charitable Trust. But what happened next? We sent our intern, Ellie Hanson, to find out…

The day dawned dull and drizzly, but – undeterred – our intrepid trio Andy (Steed), Zoe (Wonder Woman) and Hana (Batgirl) set out on their charitable mission to Birmingham. Arriving in the Second City, they came face to face with the abseil tower block for the first time, which loomed menacingly in the distance. The anxiety started to kick in.

Perfect Motivation

Before our superheroes had a chance to lose their nerve, they were escorted to the fifth floor for their safety briefing.

Once kitted up in their abseil gear, they were shown an emotional video about how the Boparan Charitable Trust had helped a little girl with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome to realise her Disney dreams. It provided the perfect motivation for our heroes to take on the impending challenge. Up to the roof they went.

Confronting their fears

So… Batgirl, Wonder Woman and John Steed were poised and ready to go. The question is – how did they feel standing on the top of a tower block in central Birmingham with the street so far below?

“I was a bit too distracted to notice the view! I was concentrating on whether my shaky legs would be able to get me down!” admitted Zoe.

Then, in true superhero style, the team went over the side and successfully completed the descent, with Batgirl and Wonder Woman going first and John Steed in pursuit.

Action shot

“It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it,” said Andy. “I’m not very good with heights and I did have an idyllic childhood, so I saw this as an opportunity both to confront a fear and help children less fortunate than I was.”

So far the trio have raised more than £400 for The Boparan Charitable Trust, and there’s still time to donate.

“It’s such a worthwhile cause and I’m proud that I could do something towards it – and I’m proud I made it down in one piece!” said Hana.


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