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Case study: EDF Energy

Relaunching HPC’s people-focused newspaper to reach a large, disparate workforce

  • EDF Energy is building Hinkley Point C (HPC), the UK’s first new nuclear power station in a generation
  • After a period when construction work paused, the HPC site newspaper, The Point, received a high-impact relaunch
  • A fast print turnaround and flexible, fast-paced teamwork allows us to deliver a product filled with relevant, targeted news as the project progresses.

HPC wanted to relaunch its newspaper so that it cut across inter-contractor boundaries and created a sense of camaraderie across the workforce. With a constantly changing and diverse workforce (made up of local, UK and European workers) from a number of different organisations on site, creating a publication that represented the views of everyone and helped to foster a real sense of togetherness was a particular challenge.

This ever-shifting workforce also had limited access to digital platforms, so the challenge was to create something that construction team members could read on their breaks and on the go.

Ultimately, HPC needs a publication that makes it clear to everyone on site that they share one goal: to build a power station that supports the UK’s future energy infrastructure.


We put together a people-focused paper, featuring punchy content, while working closely with the HPC team to create a strong and consistent tone of voice.

Combining tabloid elements which red-top readers might expect, such as opinion columns, profiles, puzzles and competitions, we also provided direct and informative writing, alongside useful regulars such as a directory of contacts and a regularly updated site map, which develops as the site itself takes shape.


We’ve received unanimously positive anecdotal feedback from readers, with an especially encouraging response since the relaunch. The Communications team has also received more requests to be featured in the newspaper which shows that people see The Point as a valuable and effective channel.

The Point was recognised at the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) Central and North Awards 2017 with an Award for Excellence in the Best Newspaper/Newsletter category.

Feedback on the relaunch issue in October 2016 included the following comments:

“We’ve missed the newspaper. This issue was packed with great content.”

“It can be a steep learning curve when [people] arrive at HPC, but The Point is really helpful in giving them fast, useful information to help them get up to speed.”

“The Point has been really well received by the workforce and the feedback after each edition has been extremely positive, particularly from our senior leadership team. It’s one of the most popular ways for the workforce to receive information and the team really enjoy being featured in the newspaper – they like to see their colleagues and the work they’re doing in the spotlight.”

Amy Prole, Internal Communications