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Our world of words.

This is a man’s world… Or is it?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, 44 takes a look at what women love about internal comms…

Women are doing better in the business world, with more women on the boards of large companies than ever before. Find out more by reading the latest government report: Improving the Gender Balance on British Boards.

The traditional perception that there are much higher numbers of female IC professionals in the UK is ringing true, as 70% of respondents to this recent survey conducted by the VMA Group were women.

Here in the 44 offices, around 60% of our in-house team are female.

So to mark International Women’s Day, a few of our female colleagues share what they enjoy about their career in communications:


“Understanding the importance of small talk. Seemingly trivial conversations can actually be goldmines of information that are hugely important to the person you’re speaking to. Don’t underestimate how much people appreciate it if you remember that their dog was ill, or you know how much they love Star Wars. The art of chatting can be a bedrock of good relationship building.”


“It’s great seeing the different ways that audiences can be reached. There are so many ways to communicate and it’s really exciting to see the new things that people come up with.”


“From long-winded school essays on Shakespeare to angst-ridden teenage poetry on MySpace, articles on university blogs to the ongoing novel I type out on my phone when I can’t sleep, weaving with words has always been the love of my life. Writing itself is a joy, but to now be able to do it for a career? Sheer bliss!”


“I love that comms is evolving to embrace new technologies, and that these innovations bring with them new ways of thinking about particular communication challenges. It’s really exciting to explore the potential of these new opportunities. But it’s also heart-warming to see that, when it comes to effective communication, people still respond best of all to people.”

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