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Social Media Day: celebrating style and substance

It seems there’s a day for everything – whether that’s International Friendship day (30th July) or Don’t Step on a Bee Day (10th July in case you want to make a note in your diary…). But, today – 30th June – is all about social media. 44’s intern Lauren delves into the Twittersphere and shares her top tweets of the moment…

Launched by Mashable in 2010, National Social Media Day gives us a chance to celebrate the ways in which those boundless tweets, posts, vlogs and blogs have shaped and developed communication on a global platform.

Like ‘Facebook stalking’ a potential date or future flatmate, a company’s social media presence provides a window into the spirit and soul of the company. Trawling back through old tweets and blog posts can reveal more about the personality and public profile of that business than you might expect. We’ve seen many instances where companies have taken to Twitter to capitalise on the latest viral phenomenon (Chewbacca woman, anyone?), or just to engage with the public. So to celebrate Social Media Day, here are my top five tweets – all of which illustrate the modern dynamics of the online consumer-business relationship (as well as being pretty entertaining)…

1. HBO have a huge following on twitter, teasing us with highly anticipated snippets of new Game of Thrones episodes and providing a cheeky commentary on the drama.

tweet 1

2. Sainsbury’s unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly recycling.

tweet 2a

3. Making their debut on Twitter, the CIA adopted an unexpected playful sense of humour, gaining themselves a fair share of followers within hours of posting.

tweet 3a

4. Netflix has one of the most successful twitter pages, engaging with the best loved characters and shows, and providing an endless stream of hilarious GIFs and memes that keep us up to date with their latest releases.

tweet 4a

5. Innocent drinks have one of the most successful Twitter accounts – their recent commentary on the England v Iceland Euros match provided a well needed up-lift (sobbing silent tears).

tweet 5a copy

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