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Seven secrets of Extreme Internal Comms

Following the success of our Extreme IC PechaKucha-style event we hosted earlier this month, we take a look at some of our top takeaways…

A plethora of fantastic ideas were broached at our Extreme IC event earlier this month. Some of the brightest minds in internal comms got together to discuss the extremes of our industry through the extreme medium of PechaKucha – presentations with 20 slides of 20 seconds.

We’ve had great feedback from speakers and guests alike, with everyone feeling inspired and learning something new to take back to the office. So, for those of you who couldn’t make the event itself, we thought we’d share a snapshot of the evening with our top seven lessons.

1. Your comms need to evolve to reflect the millennial landscape

Millennials are renowned for wanting things fast, so you need your comms to be fast-paced. A quarterly publication still has its place among your channels, but you’re missing a trick if you don’t embrace more frequent digital comms too.

2. Sometimes, in times of crisis, it’s necessary to go against your superior’s orders

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of who they are. And if your boss has made a mistake, that’s going to have long-lasting consequences, so you can’t be afraid to speak up. And if there’s no time for discussion then act first and ask for forgiveness later.

3. To grow as an IC practitioner, find your ‘safe space’ that allows you to take risks

Having someone willing to take a chance on your more ‘unusual’ ideas helps you to build your confidence and self-belief. This means you’ll be able to stand by your ideas even when you don’t have that senior support.

4. You have to let your employees know the truth for them to be brand advocates

When your company is making headlines and becomes a hot topic, you need your colleagues to be able to answer questions about it when down the pub with friends. Nothing will make them feel disengaged quicker than realising they’re being kept in the dark.

5. You can achieve higher levels of engagement through an opt-in pack than a mass mail-out

Just because everybody has a copy of your new sustainability policy, that doesn’t mean everybody will read it. Getting people to sign up to your comms can also highlight sites and campaigns with poor engagement too, allowing you to focus your messages where they’re needed most.

6. People like to feel special, so where possible, let them personalise the comms they receive

Marketing teams have been personalising their campaigns for years, so why can’t we do the same in internal comms? Whether it’s site-specific news or letting employees choose topics that interest them, colleagues will get information they want as well as information they need.

7. Even the most limited budget can have great impact if you get your team on board

No amount of money can match a genuinely excited team. Enthusiasm is contagious and the most authentic way to get your information across. Speak to the known influencers first and let them help you cascade your message.

If you would like to be on the guest list for our next event, drop us a line. We hope to see you there!



For even more insight, check out Tom’s presentation from the night, below. He looks at the extremes in the everyday, and explores how we can use these to become better communicators:

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