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Keeping up the tempo

A successful orchestra is made up of a range of talented and dedicated musicians – all working together as a team. Zoe Wilkinson explains how creating comms with the same attitude will be music to your clients’ ears…

Music is a wonderful thing.

It can be catchy, moving, upbeat, and there’s a genre for everyone. It’s even been said that learning to play an instrument can raise your IQ[1]. What’s not to like?

I was at an orchestra rehearsal recently playing through a mixture of the Star Wars theme tune, Zadok the Priest, a Beatles medley and some weird modern music that nobody really understood.

Such an assortment got me thinking about how the orchestra works together to tackle these different styles.

I came to the conclusion that an internal comms agency should work like a good orchestra.

Like a successful conductor, bosses are best leading from the front

They provide enough guidance to support and keep the team together, but keep a very firm grip on rehearsals. They hold the overall control, set the pace and can be the difference between a masterpiece and a car crash.

All about that bass

The rhythm section and lower strings provide the foundations of the piece, just like our designers. They build creative channels that provide a strong platform for the editorial melodies on top. Having a sturdy base to keep everyone on track can be invaluable during those tricky refrains.

The strings are the largest section of your workforce

Whether playing the same tune or different harmonies, your people need to work together. They have different instruments at their disposal and may be reading different clefs, but the end goal must be the same. For a positive result, everyone needs to be playing at their best.

The brass and wind are like associates and contractors

They won’t be at every rehearsal or in every piece but, when they join in, they bring catchy motifs, sweet melodies and the ‘je ne sais quoi’ to take your performance to the next level. Adding that extra skill in the right place can make your fortes really special.

Concert day

You might be playing a ringtone (producing bespoke icons), a snappy jazz number (a flashy app), a ballad (a sturdy magazine), or a whole symphony (suite of communication materials), but by the time you reach the finale you want to have your audience hooked and cheering for an encore.

Creativity takes many forms, but having a group of skilled people collaborating as a team can really help your organisation to thrive. So why not collaborate with 44, and perhaps we can make beautiful music together?

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